Our Vision

Our vision is to empower young African American men with knowledge and resources that will ultimately produce academic scholars, influential leaders, and overall successful adults who are competitive in today's global economy.

Our Mission

Tomorrow's Men is a leadership program committed to changing the plight of young African American males, ages 11-18. We strive to develop and strengthen their character by incorporating practical life skills to help them transition into manhood.

Tomorrow's Men Leadership

Jeff Cohn - Executive Director
(708) 261-7592

Sean Smith - Associate Director
(708) 415-2162

Canakkale Edwards - Media Specialist
(708) 998-4442


Tomorrow's Men 2019 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at 6pm at Arrow Church
20001 Blackstone Avenue
Lynwood, IL 60411

Tomorrow's Men Mantra

"Step into our world. Look at who we are today. We are only a glimpse of who we will become. We are disciplined, diligent, and determined. We are men of character... we are Tomorrow's Men."